Generally, the curtain rod required for a bow window must have exactly two bends so that it can make the curtain rod to get clasped to the wall comfortably. If you have the knack you can try making the curtain rods of your own bow window made out of PVC pipe. This will help you in mounting the best window dressing for your window of your preference.

Bow Window

Why the curtain rod for bow window should have a separate pattern?

Bow windows are usually created by a number of windows connected to one another to give the shape of a beautiful curve. Even though they are very fascinating to view, it is very challenging to decorate them because of the curved design. The normal curtain rod is difficult to fit in them exactly, and a customized rod will surely be high priced or not easily attained in your nearby area. You have an option. So you create your own curtain rod from PVC pipe to resolve the issue. PVC is the perfect material to create a bowed curtain rod to be fitting for your non-standard window. The PVC rod is generally for a sixty inch curved window, you can change the length of the pipe as per the size of your window.

• you can keep the pipe flat on a working surface and then put one cap at one end of the length of pipe.

•you should hold the pipe pointing the open end facing you. The other end having the pipe cap placed on the working area floor. You can fill the pipe with sand by placing a funnel at one end and then move the other cap to the other open end.

• The pipe should be centered across the window opening. You should wear a pair of welding gloves so your hands are not damaged. You can then keep the heat gun around six inches away from the pipe, and gently warm the pipe at the end so that it matches the curve at the corner of the window.

• You can then move the heat gun away and keep the pipe in a fixed position after the pipe is properly bent as per the curve of the Bow Window. As soon as the pipe is cooled off, the pipe will preserve the shape of the curved window properly. You can then carefully place on the work surface and remove your welding gloves.

• You can then give the finishing touch by removing the sand by opening a cap. You can next spray paint the rod by two coats of plastic spray paint. After waiting 24 hours the rod can be hanged over the curtain-rod brackets.