One of the most sought after windows by homeowners is the bow window. This is because they are known for the statements they make. These are windows often referred to as show windows.

Together with their curtains, this form of a window just acts as an architectural staple to any home. Apart from maintaining privacy during sunset or keeping the intense sun from getting into your apartment and fading your furniture, a bow window curtain is also used for the purpose of fashion and elegance.

How to measure curtains for bow windows

Before you go purchasing curtains for your bow window, it is quite necessary to get the measurement of the window ahead of time. This can be done very quick and easy; it also goes a long way in making your purchase easier. Below are the various measurements to take.

Measuring the Width

This can be done by using a tape – the width of each section of the bow should be measured. In a case where the width is wider than your span, you can ask a friend to help you. You can also measure beyond the window frame; that is if you want the curtain wider that the frame.

Measuring the Length

This is yet another place where your tape come in. You measure from the top of the window to the point you want it to end – whether it is going to get to the floor or just below the window frame.

Number of Panels

You have to make a decision on how many panels you want fixed. This will involve a little bit of calculation.

Choosing the Placement

This means figuring out where you want to hang your curtains on the window frame. An option could be to install the curtains on the window frame itself. Another option is to hang them on the frame and support with tension rods. You may also want to create an illusion of a larger window and mount the drapery brackets on the outside wall.

Choosing a Bow Window Curtain Style

Before going out for a purchase of your bow window curtains or even making a measurement, you need to stop and a few decisions about what you want.
– Length of the curtain
– Desired fullness
– Use of a window valance
– Use of sheets with the curtains
– Use of tie-backs

Dressing bow windows

For some people, they prefer treating their bow window as a single unit, this way the curtains hangs outside the bay. Some other of treating the window is like separate pieces with each window entitled to its own bow window treatment, and the curtains are mounted inside the bow. No matter your concept of a bow window, these kinds of windows are often best dressed with soft fabric shades or shutters. If that is not your thing, another option could be hanging curtains of floor-length on each side, where you can possible run valance or cornice across the window top.

How to Select the Right Window Curtain

The right choice of this curtain can go a long way in adding a lot to the ambiance of your window, and at the same time, the wrong choice gets to spoil the entire look and feel of the room. This is why much consideration should be given to the process of selecting the right bow window curtain.

What Design/Material are you out for?

There are lots of option on this – sheer, lace, silk, velvet plain and so on. This might require you asking a friend or someone who is into interior design, or probably checking out some color scheme from various home-style magazines.

What Color are you going for?

This is one place where quite some people get confused. Just have it in mind whatever colors you choose must nicely blend with the colors of your room. Also to note is the fact that dark colors of curtains are not be used right next to a wall of light color.

Bow Window Curtain Ideas


Ideas for your curtains for whether a bay window or a bow window begins with what you intend for your curtains to achieve for you; also the location of your bow windows to a large extent influences the choice of your bow window curtain ideas. With all this in place, you can find out the right style that fits the function and suits the mood.

Classic Center Split

This is where the curtain is to split at the center and then stack back to opposite end as needed. This is most done with two separate curtains and is to function all through the bow, with a rod running around without restrictions, through the angles of the bow. The classiness comes with these of pinch pleats to style the curtains.

Separate Curtains

This is the use of different rods on individual window sections. This is ideal for those who continuous functioning rod does not fit their design plan. This way, each window section can stack to one side or split to the center.


Adding Blinds and/or Shades


This is one way to increase the functionality of your bow windows – incorporating the bow window blinds or shades, with the curtains. This can be achieved with the center split or separate curtain treatment.


Adding a Valance


This goes along to add completion to the top of your bow window. It also helps with the perceived height of the window sections. You can either go for a continuous valance or a separate valance. A separate valance is ideal when there are at least 2 inches between each window for placement of the curtain hardware and also 2 inches between the rods. Your chosen style should always reflect the style of your room.


Our windows are considered the eyes to the outside world and with the bow window; it does not just stop there but also goes along in adding a refine quality of gracefulness to the interior of our home, especially with the most common bow window treatment – curtains.